P - Poster Session
Complications Posters

Monday July 02, 2018 | 16:30 to 17:30
Room: Hall 10 - Exhibition
Track: Complications


Dr. Ehab H. Hammad, Saudi Arabia
Recurrent glomerulonephritis after kidney transplantation in Saudi Arabia, single center retrospective study

Adam D Barlow, United Kingdom
Juxta-anastomotic transplant renal artery pseudoaneurysm. A graft preserving option

Dr. Jose Cruz Santiago, Mexico
Medical complications associated with renal transplantation, monitoring one year

Prof. Amgad E El-Agroudy, Bahrain
Trends of mortality among renal transplant patients in Bahrain

Prof. Amgad E El-Agroudy, Bahrain
Course and outcome of renal transplant recipients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU): long term follow-up

Dr. Giuseppe Ietto, Italy
Intraoperative retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) as a good management option for large ureteropelvic impacted stone of transplanted kidney

Prof. Ji Il Kim, Korea
The incidence and clinical significance of isolated distal deep vein thrombosis in kidney transplant recipient

Dr. Feride Kural Rahatli, Turkey
Brain computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in neurological complications of liver and kidney transplantation

Dr. Sergio Salcedo, Colombia
Acute rejection in kidney transplantation and early beginning of tacrolimus

Prof. Sule Akcay, Turkey
Lung malignancy in solid organ transplant recipients: A case series

Dr. Mohamad M Alkadi, Qatar
Incidence and risk factors of post transplant diabetes mellitus in kidney transplant recipients in Qatar

Gabriel Danovitch, United States
The effect of diabetes on serum magnesium levels after kidney transplantation

Dr. Norhide Fukushima, Japan
Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders (PTLDs) after heart transplantation? Single center experience in Japan

Dr. Sunita Mathur, Canada
Development of recommendations for a core outcome set for clinical trials of physical rehabilitation in adults across the continuum of solid organ transplantation: a Canadian Delphi consensus study

Prof. Sang Youb Han, Korea
Cyclosporin a aggravates the calcification of vascular smooth muscle cells under high glucose conditions with a calcifying medium

Dr. Zbigniew Heleniak, Poland
The assessment of cardiovascular risk in renal transplant recipients

Gabriel Danovitch, United States
Changes in vitamin D levels after kidney transplantation

Dr. Omar Mahjoub Fituri, Qatar
Worsening lumbar spin bone disease among steroid maintenance kidney allograft recipients in qatar

Dr. Carlos Jiménez, Spain
Occult hepatitis C virus in recipients of kidney transplantation: Prevalence and clinical implications

Dr. Buddhisha S Mahanama, Sri Lanka
Prevalence of BK viraemia among post kidney transplant patients in Sri Lanka - a single center experience

Ms. Helen K Zanetti, Brazil
Adenovirus nephritis followed by visceral leishmaniasis in a renal transplant recipient

Ms. Helen K Zanetti, Brazil
How reliable is the management of cytomegalovirus by preemptive therapy after renal transplantation?

Dr. Mukunda Prasad Kafle, Nepal
Tuberculosis in living donor kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Yuichiro Mihara, Japan
Acute graft-versus host disease after liver transplantation: A case report and literature review

Mrs. Lilia Ben Fatma, Tunisia
Epidemiology of infectious complications in renal recipients in the first year after transplantation

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