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P.347 The effect of diabetes on serum magnesium levels after kidney transplantation

Gabriel Danovitch, United States

Medical Director
Kidney and Pancreas Transplant


The Effect of Diabetes on Serum Magnesium Levels After Kidney Transplantation

Tin Duong1, Nakul Datta1, Korntip Phonphok1, Gabriel Danovitch1, Suphamai Bunnapradist1.

1Medicine-Nephrology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Introduction: Hypomagnesemia is commonly seen early after kidney transplantation (KT).  Pre-transplant diabetes is one of the associated factors that aggravate worsening hypomagnesemia after KT. However, the effect of diabetes on serum magnesium (SMg) levels after KT is not well studied. Therefore, we examined the change in SMg levels post-transplant of KT recipients regarding their diabetes status prior to KT.
Materials and Methods: We examined 614 kidney transplant recipients from January 1, 2006, to May 31, 2016. Patients having SMg levels at baseline and through 1 year post-transplant were included. We examined the SMg levels at 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year post KT. We also compared the mean change of SMg levels at each time point between diabetes and non-diabetes patients by two-sample Wilcoxon rank-sum (Mann-Whitney) test
Results: 141 (23%) patients had a history of pre-transplant diabetes. The mean SMg of diabetes patients were higher than non-diabetes patients (Table 1) in every single time point post KT (Table 1, Figure 1). The lowest SMg levels were at 1 month post KT and significantly dropped from baseline in both DM and non-DM patients. Furthermore, we found that there was a greater SMg levels in diabetes than non-diabetes patients (Table1, Figure 1)

Conclusions​: Most of KT recipients had decreased in the SMg levels post-transplant, regardless of their diabetes status. Pre-transplant diabetes patients had significantly greater SMg levels at every single time point during the first year post KT. Future studies including new onset diabetes after transplantation should support the change in SMg level.

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