419 - Oral Abstract Session
Maximizing Organ Utilization (Videos Available)

Tuesday July 03, 2018 | 09:45 to 11:15
Room: N-105
Track: Donation & Procurement


Dr. Reinier Narvaez, United States
Hard-to-place kidney offers: Granular examination of donor risk factors for discard (Video Available)

Dr. Olivier Aubert, France
Exploring the viability of kidneys discarded in the US: A comparison of kidney utilization patterns and outcomes in the US and France

Prof. Bulang He, Australia
Allograft and patient outcomes of a tumourectomized kidney transplant program: the Western Australia experience (Video Available)

Dr. Patrick B Trotter, United Kingdom
Transplantation of kidneys from DCD and DBD donors who died after ligature asphyxiation: The UK experience (Video Available)

Prof. Liugen Lan, P.R. China
The extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in the deceased donors after brain death with severe hemodynamic instability allow to optimize the viability of organs procured for transplantation (Video Available)

Dr. Christoph Troppmann, United States
Does acute kidney injury contraindicate transplantation of kidneys from very small pediatric donors? Single-center analysis of 68 en bloc kidney transplants from donors ≤15 kg.

Marty T Sellers, United States
Outcomes from livers transplanted from deceased donors with end-stage renal disease (Video Available)

Malcolm MacConmara, United States
High risk donor kidneys should be used in pediatric kidney transplant recipients (Video Available)

Prof. Mario M Abbud-Filho, Brazil
Altered expression of inflammation genes in preimplantation kidney biopsies of extended criteria donors (Video Available)

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