519 - Oral Abstract Session
Increasing Deceased Donation (Videos Available)

Wednesday July 04, 2018 | 09:45 to 10:45
Room: N-105
Track: Donation & Procurement


Liz Lehr, United States
A systems-based approach to increasing organs transplanted: One organ procurement organization’s experience (Video Available)

Dr. Iago Justo, Spain
Risk factors of primary non-function using uncontrolled donors after cardiac arrest (uDCD) (Video Available)

Dr. Leah Mc Laughlin, United Kingdom
Family attitudes, actions, decisions and experiences following implementation of deemed consent and the human transplantation act (Wales) 2013 (Video Available)

Dr. Amanda J Miller, Canada
Non-immunologic pairing of kidney transplant donors and recipients: How important is HLA match status? (Video Available)

Ruth D Bell, United States
Success of a “Multicultural Donation Education Program” to increase African-American organ donation in a donor service area with a high African-American population (Video Available)

Dr. Reinier Narvaez, United States
Hard-to-place kidney offers: System-level predictors of discard (Video Available)

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