417 - Oral Abstract Session
Ageing in Transplantation & Others (Videos Available)

Tuesday July 03, 2018 | 09:45 to 11:15
Room: N-103
Track: Kidney


Prof. Raja Rajalingam, United States
Successful deceased donor kidney transplantation of highly sensitized candidates across positive cross match and strong donor-specific HLA-DP antibodies without desensitization (Video Available)

Dr. Mara Ann McAdams DeMarco, United States
Cognitive impairment and graft loss in kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Mara Ann McAdams DeMarco, United States
Frailty, inflammation, and waitlist mortality among patients with end-stage renal disease on the kidney transplant waitlist

Ms. Jee Youn Lee, Korea
The impact of age-matching on graft function and graft survival after living donor kidney transplantation

Dr. Alexandre Loupy, France
Validation of an integrative and dynamic prognostic score for response to therapy in solid organ transplants

Dr. Silvia Pineda, United States
Pre-transplant assessment of AMR risk by novel donor/recipient non-HLA variants (Video Available)

Miss Carmen Gonzalez-Corvillo, Spain
Hepatitis C virus infection in kidney transplant recipients: final results from a Spanish multicenter study

Dr. Revathy Manickavasagar, Australia
Allograft outcome following retransplantation of patients with failed first kidney allograft attributed to non-adherence (Video Available)

Miss Monika Ashwin, Canada
A retrospective review of the quality of care in patients with failed kidney transplants: a single centre experience (Video Available)

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