319 - Oral Abstract Session
Living Donation-Kidney (Videos Available)

Monday July 02, 2018 | 09:45 to 11:15
Room: N-105
Track: Donation & Procurement


Dr. Shiromani Janki, Netherlands
Impact after live donor nephrectomy: A comparative follow-up study

Dr. Yuji Hidaka, Japan
Factors related to suboptimal recovery of renal function after living donor nephrectomy (Video Available)

Ms. Brittany A Shelton, United States
Obesity is associated with increased risk of mortality among living kidney donors (Video Available)

Miss Moira H. Bruintjes, Netherlands
Prevalence and impact of chronic postsurgical pain following laparoscopic donor nephrectomy: A cross-sectional cohort study

Dr. Ernesto P Molmenti, United States
Inclusion of incompatible directed deceased donor organs in kidney transplant exchanges (Video Available)

Evalyn E.A.P. Mulder, Netherlands
3D endoscopic donor nephrectomy versus robot-assisted donor nephrectomy: A detailed comparison of two prospective cohorts

Dr. Katharina J Schumacher, United Kingdom
Single centre experience of altruistic non-directed kidney donation (Video Available)

Allan Massie, United States
Clinical utility and interpretation of CKD stages in living kidney donors

Allan Massie, United States
Pre-donation renal function, early post-donation renal function, and subsequent ESRD risk in living kidney donors

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