589 - Oral Abstract Session
IRI Interventions & Tissue repair (Videos Available)

Wednesday July 04, 2018 | 17:15 to 18:45
Room: N-107/108
Track: Basic Sciences and Translational Sciences


Dr. Gaetano Faleo, United States
Co-transplant of parathyroid gland and stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells enhances graft survival through release of pro-angiogenic and pro-survival factors (Video Available)

Prof. Vincenzo Cantaluppi, Italy
Endothelial progenitor cell-derived extracellular vesicles inhibit kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury through the transfer of specific micrornoa and mrna coding for the transcription factor NRF2: relevance for delayed kidney graft function

Mr. Koichiro Minami, United States
Senolytic treatment attenuates mtDNA-mediated inflammatory injury in old donors and improves cardiac allograft survival (Video Available)

Dr. Tom Darius, Belgium
Impact of different dynamic preservation strategies on early renal function and physical machine perfusion parameters in a porcine DCD auto-transplant model (Video Available)

Dr. Seth J Concors, United States
Histone deacetylase-6 inhibition is protective in liver ischemia-reperfusion injury and acetaminophen toxicity in a murine model (Video Available)

Dr. Hisashi Sahara, Japan
Inhalation of carbon monoxide protects liver against warm ischemia-reperfusion injury in CLAWN miniature swine

Dr. Victoria Gomez Dos Santos, Spain
MicroRNAs in kidney hipothermic machine perfusion fluid as novel biomarkers for graft function. Have changes in normalization guidelines support previous results? (Video Available)

Prof. Maria Siemionow, United States
A novel human myoblast chimeric cells therapy for restoration of muscle function

Dr. Jennifer L. McRae, Australia
Blockade of the G-CSF receptor is protective in a mouse model of renal ischemia reperfusion injury

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