407 - Morning Symposium
Issues relating to clinical xenotransplantation (Videos Available)

Tuesday July 03, 2018 | 08:30 to 09:45
Room: N-113
Track: Xenotransplantation


Dr. Emanuele E Cozzi, Italy
Are low anti-pig antibody levels essential to the succcess of pig organ xenotransplantation? (Video Available)

Rita Bottino, United States
Is encapsulated pig islet Tx preferable to free pig islet Tx?

Prof. Kazuhiko Yamada, United States
Is pig genetic engineering essential for the success of xenotransplantation? (Video Available)

Dr. Zurab Machaidze, United States
Presentation of the 2017 Carl-Gustav Groth Xeno Prize

Heidi Yeh, United States

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