523 - Oral Abstract Session
Regenerative Medicine- New Approaches (Videos Available)

Wednesday July 04, 2018 | 09:45 to 10:45
Room: N-112
Track: Cellular and Regenerative Therapies


Dr. Mary Kearns-Jonker, United States
Neonatal cardiovascular progenitor cell clones expressing islet-1 stimulate cardiovascular regeneration in vivo

Ms. Charlotte A Lee, United Kingdom
The anti-inflammatory effect of alpha-1 antitrypsin in hepatocyte transplantation (Video Available)

Prof. Eiji Kobayashi, Japan
Chimeric human liver reconstruction within the spleen of adult pigs (Video Available)

Dr. Lauren Brasile, United States
The potential of repairing ischemically damaged human kidneys during acellular warm perfusion (Video Available)

Steven Wisel, United States
Optimization of a polycaprolactone (PCL) scaffold for islet and cellular transplantation (Video Available)

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