316 - Oral Abstract Session
Acute Cellular Rejection and Polyoma (Videos Available)

Monday July 02, 2018 | 09:45 to 11:15
Room: N-102
Track: Kidney


Dr. Dominik Chittka, United States
DSA plus TCMR leads to poor outcomes in renal allograft recipients and this is markedly exacerbated by non-adherence (Video Available)

Dr. Alexandre Loupy, France
Inflammation in scarred areas (i-IF/TA): Defining the response to standard treatment of T cell-mediated rejection in kidney recipients

Dr. Miriam C Banas, Germany
Non-invasive diagnostic of renal allograft rejection via urine metabolites using NMR-spectroscopy (Video Available)

Prof. William S Oetting, United States
Genome-wide association meta-analysis for acute rejection of kidney transplants (Video Available)

Dr. Akhil Sharma, United States
Pro-inflammatory B cells predict progressive minimal early renal allograft inflammation which is associated with poor graft outcomes

Prof. Rolf Weimer, Germany
Immune responses in renal transplant recipients at risk of BK-virus associated nephropathy – impact of three immunosuppressive regimens

Dr. Minal Borkar-Tripathi, Canada
Epigenetic inhibitors as potential anti-viral treatment against BK polyoma virus associated nephropathy: An elucidation of mechanism (Video Available)

Dr. Minal Borkar-Tripathi, Canada
Combined presentation (previously 316.9)

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