303 - Oral Abstract Session
B Cell Biology (Videos Available)

Monday July 02, 2018 | 08:30 to 09:30
Room: N-106
Track: Basic Sciences and Translational Sciences


Dr. Kang Mi Lee, United States
Ex vivo expanded regulatory B cells promote allograft survival through IL-10-dependent pathway

Dr. Carole Brosseau, France
DD9+ regulatory b lymphocytes control chronic lung inflammation by inducing effector T cell apoptosis

Dr. Xiaoyong Chen, P.R. China
Characterization of a CD23+CD43+ regulatory B cell subset in human that induced by mesenchymal stem cells (Video Available)

Dr. Ashley N. Suah, United States
Acquired resistance to transplantation tolerance as a result of prior pregnancy requires B cells

Mr. Maciej ZieliƄski, Poland
Lymphocytes B development after kidney transplantation (Video Available)

Dr. Megan Sykes, United States
Phenotypic and clonal analysis of recipient B cells and plasma cells entering graft mucosa reveals an association with rejection and evolution towards a resident memory phenotype after human intestinal transplantation

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