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Thursday July 05, 2018 from 09:45 to 11:00

Room: N-113

623.4 Effect of TV advertisement on Donor Card registration

Katayoun Najafizadeh, Iran

Iranian Society of Organ Donation (ISOD)


Effect of TV Advertisement on Donor Card Registration

Marzieh Latifi1, Katayoun Najafizadeh1,2, Ali asghar Pourmohammadi1, Hosein Aghazamani1, Mehdi Hashemi1, keyhan Jamehbozorgi1, Mohammadreza Bayati1, Reza Saidi1,3, Omid Ghobadi1.

1Irainian society of organ donation, ISOD, Tehran, Iran; 2school of medicine, shahid beheshti university of medical sceinces, Tehran, Iran; 3school of medicine, Tehran university of medical sceinces, Tehran, Iran

Background: Organ shortage is a chronic problem facing transplant community.  Public awareness about organ donation can increase the rate of donation. One of the effective methods to improve public awareness is through media such as TV. The aim of this study was comparing the effect of different TV programs and advertising methods in motivating people to increase organ donor registration.
Method and Materials: Advertising organ donation was done through movie series, documentaries about donation, during soccer games by subtitles, by soccer host or showing the organ donors website address. After and before each method, donor registration was evaluated.
Result: Overall, after TV advertisements increased donor registrations.  The result of enrolling donor card before and after each method are showed in Table 1. The result of multivariable analysis showed that the registration rates after media intervention increased (p<0.004).
Advertisement during the soccer games had a significant impact compare to series and documentaries. In addition, advertisement by soccer host and subtitle had a significant result compare to other ads.
Table 1: the rate of enrolling donor card before, the day and the day after football, movie and documentary film

Conclusion: TV programs specially soccer games can increase donor registration.  An improved results has been demonstrated when the soccer host talks about donation and showed subtitle with organ donation website or social media address compared to documentaries.
Keywords: organ donation, TV, social media


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