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C491.4 10 years after Istanbul Declaration, achievements and failures

Mustafa S. A. Al-Mousawi, Kuwait

Organ transplantation
Organ Transplant Center, Kuwait


10 years after Istanbul Declaration, Achievements and Failures

Mustafa Almousawi1.

1Organ Transplantation, OrganTransplant Center, Kuwait, Kuwait

Declaration of Istanbul (DoI) was created in Istanbul following a summit in 2008 on organ trafficking and transplant tourism. The aim was to provide guidelines to dry down transplant commercialism using the poor and vulnerable groups as a source of organs for the rich.
In order to implement the declaration several task forces were established to address the public, governments and professional organizations. A custodian group (DICG) was formed to follow up progress in fulfilling the aims of the declaration.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the declaration, its acceptance and effectiveness in combating organ trafficking and transplant tourism needs to be evaluated.
Endorsement of DoI: DICG has been successful in obtaining recognition and endorsement from over 115 international organizations concerned with organ failure and transplantation. Conferences held by these organizations require their participants and guest speakers adherence to DoI as a condition for making their presentation. Similarly most international medical journals will not publish any article unless the authors sign a declaration of adherence to DoI.
Follow up of reported cases:With multiple emissaries cooperating with DICG, many cases of breach of DoI are reported to Patient Affairs Committee which addresses the authorities in relevant countries. Pressure on authorities has been successful in several countries to apply more stringent control on organ trafficking.
Addressing  governments: With help from the media active members of DICG have managed to bring about new legislations in some countries to curb transplant tourism and organ commercialism. DICG has managed to obtain the attention of several governments including Egypt, Pakistan, China and more recently the Vatican.
So is DoI working? There is no doubt that DoI has had an impact on organ trafficking and transplant tourism around the world. The major impact has been with professional organizations, congresses and medical journals. However transplant tourism and commercialism is still common in many hot spots.
Conclusion: Despite its impact DoI has not resolved the root of the problem which is organ shortage. This can only be achieved by maximizing deceased donation.

Presentations by Mustafa S. A. Al-Mousawi

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