Room: N-111

133.1 How is the new generation tacking gender equity in transplantation? (Video Available)

Maria Irene Bellini, United Kingdom

Senior Transplant Fellow
Renal and Transplant Directorate
Imperial College NHS Trust


Gender equity is more than numerical parity: it is about culture, too. Women need to be encouraged and educated in pursuing their career and leadership ambitions. Visibility of female role models and mentors for the new generation is essential to achieve gender equity in surgery and transplantation as part of a more generalised cultural change.

Given the difficulties faced in attracting and retaining female trainees, she launched a social media campaign entitled #HowIBecameAWomanInSurgery to shine light on the journey through surgical training of women surgeons. This initiative is one of the results of her working research group and discussion forum on this important issue using social media. It also provides an example of how digital interactive communication can have an educational and constructive role in breaking down the perceived barriers to advance and inspire women as successful transplant professionals.

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