P - Poster Session
Infectious Disease Posters

Tuesday July 03, 2018 | 16:30 to 17:30
Room: Hall 10 - Exhibition
Track: Infectious Diseases


Prof. Hande Arslan, Turkey
Mucormycosis in Turkey

Miss Florencia Bonisconti, Argentina
Clinical utility of a modified qRT-PCR for Trypanosoma cruzi detection in transplant patients

Dr. Ku Yong Chung, Korea
Adenovirus infection of the urinary tract after kidney transplantation

Dr. Ozlem Kurt Azap, Turkey
Candidaemia among adult solid organ transplant recipients

Dr. Ho Lee, Korea
The selective prophylaxis does not increase the risk of pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PJP) after renal transplantation.

Mr. Abdulmecit Yildiz, Turkey
Efficacy of direct acting antiviral agents in dialysis patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection on the kidney transplant waiting list: a single center experience

Ms. Juan Zhang, P.R. China
A novel generative mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific T cells method for adoptive cellular therapy

Diana Florescu, United States
Hospital course after TAH implantation, Nebraska experience

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