587 - Mini-Oral Abstract Session
Living Donation and Organ Utilization (Videos Available)

Wednesday July 04, 2018 | 17:15 to 18:45
Room: N-105
Track: Donation & Procurement


Dr. Laura A. Hickman, United States
Despite the growing impact of the American opioid epidemic on organ donation, a small percentage of drug intoxication deaths result in organ donation (Video Available)

Dr. Hiroyuki Takahashi, Japan
Machine perfusion preservation for porcine split liver graft (Video Available)

Dr. Shinji Yamamoto, Sweden
Few gender differences in attitudes and experiences after live kidney donation, with minor changes over time

Dr. Jayme E. Locke, United States
Risk factors for failure to complete post-donation follow-up among obese living kidney donors

Naoki Yokoyama, Japan
Comparison of pure laparo-endoscopic single-site surgery and mini-incision retroperitoneal surgery for the retrieval of a graft in living-donor kidney transplantation (Video Available)

Dr. Lasantha L N Seneviratne, Sri Lanka
Total laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy: Comparison study between robotic arm assisted 3D laparoscopy and standard 2D laparoscopic donor nephrectomy

Julio Pascual, Spain
The use of kidneys from deceased donors over 80 years in kidney transplantation

Dr. Charles E Wright, United States
Low utilization rate of hearts designated as PHS increased risk and presumed infected (Video Available)

Dr. Jacinto Sánchez Ibáñez, Spain
Hepatitis B markers in tissue donors. national multicenter study. Preliminary results

Prof. Liugen Lan, P.R. China
The in-hospital departments dedicated to expanding the organ donation and organ procurement in china, have increased significantly the number of donors and transplants. (Video Available)

Dr. Adam Brayne, United Kingdom
Pre-transplant histological assessment provides a useful predictor of subsequent kidney allograft function

Dr. Wenjun Mao Sr., P.R. China
Experience of lung transplantation using voluntary organ donations after brain and cardiac death of citizens at Wuxi Center—report of 242 cases (Video Available)

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