605 - Oral Abstract Session
Xenotransplantation: Cell/Tissue and Immune Regulation (Videos Available)

Thursday July 05, 2018 | 08:30 to 09:30
Room: N-112
Track: Xenotransplantation


Prof. Wayne J. Hawthorne, Australia
Long-term function of genetically modified porcine neonatal islet xenografts in baboons

Dr. Byoung-Hoon Min, Korea
Correlation between islet number in the small biopsy liver and blood glucose level after pig to non-human primate islet xenotransplantation model (Video Available)

Prof. Ki Cheul Shin, Korea
Effects of several genetic engineering in the graft survival of pig-to-monkey lamellar corneal xenotransplantation with miinimal immunosuppression

Dr. Hironosuke Watanabe, United States
Durable macrochimerism (>8 weeks) and pig-specific T and B Cell unresponsiveness following hCD47+ transgenic GalTKO pig intra-bone bone marrow transplantation in baboons (Video Available)

Dr. Shounan Yi, Australia
Human HLA-DR+CD27+ memory-type regulatory T cells show potent xenoantigen-specific suppression in vitro (Video Available)

Elmar Jaeckel, Germany
Isolation of human xenospecific regulatory t cells with high suppressive function

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