608 - Oral Abstract Session
Tolerance (Videos Available)

Thursday July 05, 2018 | 08:30 to 09:30
Room: N-117/118
Track: Transplant Immunosuppression


Dr. Stephan Busque, United States
Relationship between mixed chimerism and acceptance of HLA-matched and -mismatched kidney transplants after withdrawal of immunosuppressive drugs

Dr. Megan Sykes, United States
Renal allograft tolerance for end-stage renal disease patients with hematologic malignancies (Video Available)

Ms. Yuanfei Zhao, Australia
In-vivo costimulation-blockade induced Foxp3 Tregs from DEREG mice with neonatal islet cell cluster tolerant xenografts exist memory Tregs phenotype

Dr. Suzanne T. Ildstad, United States
Long-term follow-up of a phase 2 clinical trial to induce tolerance in living donor renal transplant recipients

Dr. Tatsuo Kawai, United States
Non-myeloablative conditioning with low-dose total body irradiation in place of cyclophosphamide induces mixed chimerism and long-term immunosuppression free allograft survival without acute kidney injury in HLA mismatched kidney transplantation. (Video Available)

Dr. David Tollerud, United States
Does the end justify the means? An analysis of outcomes in recipients of combined kidney/hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplants and comparison to standard of care (SOC) patients

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