594 - Oral Abstract Session
Immunosuppression and Rejection (Videos Available)

Wednesday July 04, 2018 | 17:15 to 18:45
Room: N-117/118
Track: Liver


Dr. Boram Lee, Korea
ABO-incompatible liver transplantation using only rituximab for patients with low anti-ABO antibody titer

Dr. Richard Taubert, Germany
Donor specific antibodies are associated with more inflammation, more fibrosis and higher expression of rejection associated transcripts in subclinically rejected liver allografts

Dr. Richard Taubert, Germany
Prospective evaluation of noninvasive cell death marker and donor specific antibodies as predictors of subclinical graft inflammation and graft fibrosis

Dr. Heontak Ha, Korea
Are only pre-transplant rituximab and plasma exchange sufficient for pre-transplantation desensitization protocol of ABO incompatible LDLT? Single institute experience

Dr. Tommaso Maria Manzia, Italy
Ab initio everolimus-based vs. standard CNI immunosuppression-regimen in liver transplant recipients (Video Available)

Dr. Gonca Ozgun, Turkey
Hepatic estrogen receptor expression prevents liver fibrosis through decreasing the risk of early activation of hepatic stellate cells

Dr. Samuele Iesari, Italy
Tacrolimus (TAC) and single intra-operative high-dose of r-ATG induction vs. tacrolimus monotherapy as immunosuppression (IS) in adult liver transplantation (lt): one-year results of an investigator-driven, prospective, randomized, controlled trial (RCT) (Video Available)

Dr. Kazuhiro Taguchi, Japan
Immunological impact of portal hypertension and splenectomy in living donor liver transplantation (Video Available)

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