516 - Oral Abstract Session
Chronic Kidney Dysfunction (Videos Available)

Wednesday July 04, 2018 | 09:45 to 10:45
Room: N-102
Track: Kidney


Dr. Charlotte Loheac, France
Identifying the specific causes of kidney allograft loss : A population based study

Denis Glotz, France
Role of C1q-binding donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies in premature and accelerated kidney allograft interstitial fibrosis

Dr. Yassine Bouatou, France
Inflammation in fibrotic areas (i-IF/TA) identifies a T cell-mediated rejection component of IF/TA with poor kidney allograft outcome

Dr. Cheng Yang, P.R. China
Prediction of renal allograft chronic rejection using a model based on contrast enhanced ultrasonography (Video Available)

Dr. Olivier Aubert, France
Identifying the specific causes and the determinants of outcome in kidney recipients with transplant glomerulopathy: A multicenter study

Dr. Jeong-Hoon Lim, Korea
Potential novel proteomic biomarkers for acute T cell-mediated rejection in kidney transplant recipients

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