517 - Oral Abstract Session
Immunosuppression 2 (Videos Available)

Wednesday July 04, 2018 | 09:45 to 10:45
Room: N-103
Track: Kidney


Prof. Bjoern Nashan, Germany
The Athena Study: 12 months safety and efficacy data for everolimus combined with tacrolimus or cyclosporine compared to a standard tacrolimus-mycophenolate regimen in de novo kidney transplant patients

Ms. Laura Llinàs Mallol, Spain
Different effects on transitional B lymphocytes after conversion to mTOR inhibitors or steroid withdrawal in renal transplant recipients

Dr. Peter Schenker, Germany
Outcomes on allograft function after 12 months with everolimus plus either tacrolimus or cyclosporine compared to a standard tacrolimus-MPA regimen in de novo renal transplant recipients: The Athena Study

Dr. Ruth Rahamimov, Israel
Long term exposure to high variability of tacrolimus trough levels and exposure to sub therapeutic drug levels predicts worse survival after kidney transplantation

Ms. Marte Theie Gustavsen, Norway
Adherence to immunosuppressive medications in renal transplant recipients – different tools capture different patients (Video Available)

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