424 - Oral Abstract Session
Cellular Therapies- on the way to clinical application (Videos Available)

Tuesday July 03, 2018 | 09:45 to 11:15
Room: N-115/116
Track: Cellular and Regenerative Therapies


Dr. Rafael Correa-Rocha, Spain
“First-in-Human” clinical trial employing adoptive transfer of autologous thymus-derived Treg cells (thyTreg) to prevent graft rejection in heart-transplanted children

Dr. Yuka Tanaka, Japan
NK cells differentiated from hematopoietic stem cells exert anti-HCC and anti-HCV activities similar to those of peripheral blood-propagated NK cells (Video Available)

Mr. Jesus M. Sierra Parraga, Netherlands
Monocytic cells phagocytose therapeutic mesenchymal stem cells, which induces polarization, relocation and immune regulation (Video Available)

Dr. Sergey Korotkov, Belarus
The results of pilot study of the mesenchymal stem cells efficiency for induction of immunosuppressive therapy in the early postoperative period after kidney transplantation (Video Available)

Dr. Angus W. Thomson, United States
Regulatory dendritic cell (DCreg) cell infusion in living donor liver transplantation

Ms. Rebeca C. Arroyo Hornero, United Kingdom
Co-stimulatory modulation of human regulatory T cells for enhanced immunotherapy (Video Available)

Dr. Séverine Bézie, France
Rapamycin-based expansion of natural CD8+Tregs for cell therapy (Video Available)

Dr. Hiroyuki Ogasawara, Japan
A comparison of the transplant efficiency between intraportal and intrasplenic procedures in hepatocyte transplantation (Video Available)

Dr. Claudius Speer, Germany
A phase-i clinical trial of donor-derived MIC cell infusion for the induction of donor-specific hyporesponsiveness after living donor kidney transplantation (TOL-1 study) (Video Available)

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