421 - Oral Abstract Session
Kidney Complications (Videos Available)

Tuesday July 03, 2018 | 09:45 to 11:15
Room: N-107/108
Track: Complications


Carlo Gazia, United States
DCD and AKI allografts offer a valuable platform to study molecular pathways underlying successful adaptive repair of the kidney after damage (Video Available)

Dr. Helong Dai, P.R. China
Distal abdominal aorta could serve as an outflow tract for en bloc kidney transplantation from infant donors with extremely low body weight

Miss Tamar A.J. van den Berg, Netherlands
The effect of perioperative antiplatelet / anticoagulant therapy on the incidence of early postoperative thromboembolic complications and bleeding in kidney transplantation. - a dual center retrospective cohort study of 2000 kidney transplant recipients (Video Available)

Dr. Mohammad Nadjafi-Semnani, Iran
Comparison of removing double-J stent with and without cystoscopy in kidney transplant patients: A randomized clinical trial (Video Available)

Dr. Manuel Serrano Blanco, Spain
Pre-transplant antibodies IgA-anti Beta 2 Glycoprotein I: A new predicto of early graft thrombosis after renal transplantation in the real medicine setting. An observational, multicenter and prospective study (Video Available)

Dr. Manuel Serrano Blanco, Spain
Searching for new biomarkers more specific for graft loss after renal transplantation by thrombosis: IgA aB2GPI CIC (Video Available)

Dr. Felix Guerrero-Ramos, Spain
Comparative analyisis of postoperative complications after kidney transplantation: Uncontrolled DCD vs DBD grafts, are they the same? (Video Available)

Dr. Kajohnsak Noppakun, Thailand
Angioplasty versus medical treatment of transplant renal artery stenosis: An observational prospective study (Video Available)

Prof. Jose Maria Morales, Spain
Different Patterns of Risk Factors for Mortality according Recipient Age after Renal Transplantation. A Multicenter and Prospective Study at Ten Years in the Clinical Practice (Video Available)

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