317 - Oral Abstract Session
Deceased Donor Issues (Videos Available)

Monday July 02, 2018 | 09:45 to 11:15
Room: N-103
Track: Kidney


Mr. John Moir, United Kingdom
Extended case series investigating vascular remodelling following whole pancreas transplantation

Miss Lisa L Mumford, United Kingdom
Matching graft life expectancy with patient life expectancy (Video Available)

Dr. Jose Portoles Sr., Spain
Early outcomes and risk factors for kidney transplantation with controlled circulatory death donor (cDCD) in a nationwide strategy. Spanish multicentre SENTRA-GEODAS-Group

Dr. Nuria Montero, Spain
Dual kidney transplantation as a strategy to use elderly donors: A systematic review (Video Available)

Dr. Natalie Otto, Germany
Two decades of eurotransplant senior program (ESP): Time on dialysis independently impacts patient survival, allograft survival and quality of life after kidney transplantation

Miss Natividad N Calvo Romero Sr., Spain
Factors impacting delayed graft function from uncontrolled donors after circulatory deathy (Video Available)

Miss Natividad N Calvo Romero Sr., Spain
Kidney transplantation from uncontrolled donors after circulatory death: Data from an observational cohort (Video Available)

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