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Day 3 (2018-07-02)

Lunch and Learn: Lunch and Learn 1
Retiro Room (located next to the exhibit room)
350.1 Differences between adult and pediatric liver transplantation
Carlos O. Esquivel, United States
350.2 Significance of sarcopenia in liver transplantation
Toshimi Kaido, Japan
350.3 Critically ill liver transplant candidate
Catherine Paugam-Burtz, France
350.4 Management of the HIV positive transplant recipient
Peter G. Stock, United States
Elmi Muller, South Africa
350.5 How I desensitize an HLA incompatible kidney transplant candidate
Lionel Rostaing, France
350.6 Essentials of Organ Donor Research
Claus Niemann, United States
350.7 Kidney paired donation (KPD) transplantation to increase donor pool
Vivek Kute, India
350.8 Long term complications after kidney transplantation
Germaine Wong, Australia
350.9 Sex at the bench and beyond: a discussion on the importance of including sex as a biological variable in research!
Deborah J Clegg, United States
350.12 Technical tips in live donor hepatectomy including laparoscopic donor hepatectomy
Kyung-Suk Suh, Korea
350.13 PSC and LT; allocation, timing, selection
Christian P. Strassburg, Germany
350.14 Rejection Under Steroid-Free Belatacept Therapy: What to Expect and How to Treat
E. Steve Woodle, United States
350.16 Mapping Out Your Career - Finding Your Road to Success
Jayme E. Locke, United States
350.17 Kidney Transplant beyond the usual anatomy (For surgeons)
Alejandro Niño-Murcia, Colombia
350.18 Precision Transplant medicine: what’s next?
Minnie M. Sarwal, United States
350.19 Manuscript Submissions - Transplantation Journal Editors

Day 4 (2018-07-03)

Lunch and Learn: Lunch and Learn 2
Retiro Room (located next to the exhibit room)
450.1 Xenograft tolerance
Megan Sykes, United States
450.2 Different strategies for beta cell replacement for the cure of Type 1 diabetes
Peter G. Stock, United States
450.3 Advocacy of pancreas and islet transplantation
Frantisek Saudek, Czech Republic
450.4 Meeting the demand for organ availability
Stefan G. Tullius, United States
450.5 Cellular therapies in the management of liver disease and liver transplantation
Anil Dhawan, United Kingdom
450.6 Blocking inflammation for cell and organ tolerance
Maria Koulmanda, United States
450.7 General Adolescent Issues
Miriam Kaufman, Canada
450.8 Measuring OPO Performance – What’s the right denominator and parameters?
Howard M Nathan, United States
Richard Hasz, United States
450.9 Preparation of children for renal transplantation
Stephen D Marks, United Kingdom
450.10 Why commercialism is difficult to eradicate
Adibul Hasan Rizvi, Pakistan
450.11 Preservation  by machine perfusion
Peter J. Friend, United Kingdom
450.12 Preparing your patient for transplant & Prevention of infection after transplant: Antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines
Camille Kotton, United States
450.13 Toward HLA Epitope Matching in Clinical Transplantation
Frans HJ Claas, Netherlands
450.14 Robotic Kidney Transplantation: Current Status, An Update And Future Perspectives
Pranjal Modi, India
450.15 Immunosuppression in Avoidance of Recurrent Malignancies after Liver Transplantation
John J. Fung, United States
450.16 Mentorship Roundtable
Hiroto Egawa, Japan
450.17 Mentorship Roundtable
Gabriel E. Gondolesi, Argentina
450.18 Manuscript Decisions - Transplantation Journal Editors
450.19 Immunobiogram® a novel Precision Medicine Tool to help guidance of immunosuppression in Renal Transplantation. Results of “BH-Pilot” proof-of-concept clinical study
Isabel Portero, Spain
450.19 Immunobiogram® a novel Precision Medicine Tool to help guidance of immunosuppression in Renal Transplantation. Results of “BH-Pilot” proof-of-concept clinical study
Julio Pascual, Spain

Day 5 (2018-07-04)

Lunch and Learn: Lunch and Learn 3
Retiro Room (located next to the exhibit room)
550.1 Promoting medication adherence in kidney transplant recipients
Bethany Foster, Canada
550.2 Targeting metabolism to regulating immune responses
Jonathan Powell, United States
550.3 Building a serious research career in transplant surgery
Dorry Segev, United States
550.4 Pitfalls in Graft Survival Analysis (explaining the most frequently made mistakes in the statistical analysis of survival data in the field of kidney transplantation)
Caner Süsal, Germany
Christian Unterrainer, Germany
550.5 Tailoring the Pump for Bridge to Transplant Patients
Simon Maltais, United States
550.6 How to use 50% of all lungs from the lung donor pool- without EVLP
Gregory Snell, Australia
550.7 Pre-liver transplant cardiac evaluation – not just CAD
James Findlay, United States
550.8 The Microbiome in Transplantation
Jay Fishman, United States
550.9 Trained Immunity in Organ Transplantation
Jordi Ochando, Spain
550.11 Living donor nephrectomy - donor or surgeon specific?
Gabriel C Oniscu, United Kingdom
550.12 Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)
Daniel Cherqui, France
550.13 Mentorship Roundtable
Marcelo Cantarovich, Canada
550.14 Perioperative management of Pulmonary Hypertension in Lung Transplantation
Christopher Wigfield, United States
550.15 Islet auto-transplantation for non-pancreatitis indications
Lorenzo Piemonti, Italy
550.16 Exploiting Immunometabolism to Sustain Immune Homeostasis
Ping-Chih Ho, Switzerland
550.17 Manuscript Revisions - Transplantation Journal Editors

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