Room: N-102

461.2 Multi-drug resistant bacterial infections: Understanding epidemiology and management of challenging infections (Video Available)

Jose Maria Aguado, Spain

Professor of Medicine
Infectious Diseases
University Hospital 12 de Octubre


Presentation Overview
MDR bacterial infection reduces patient and graft’s survival, and increases the costs derived from solid organ transplantation (SOT). The incidence rate and mortality related to MDR bacterial infection in this group of patients has increased during the last decade.

One of the most threatening and obvious dilemmas when treating a SOT patient with MDR bacterial infection is the use of inappropriate empirical antibiotic therapy. Several studies have demonstrated an increase of mortality when bacteremic patients with MDR pathogens receive inappropriate treatment.

Furthermore, the incidence of adverse effects using second-line antibiotics (as colistin or aminoglycosides) can be increased in SOT patients because of the concomitant use of nephrotoxic agents (such calcineurin inhibitors), decreased glomerular filtration rate in most SOT patients, or because of the need of renal replacement therapies.

New epidemiological, preventive, and therapeutic strategies against MDR bacterial infection in SOT will be updated in this session.

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