Room: N-107/108

120.4 Models of integrating regular physical activity into post-transplant care (Video Available)

Ka Foon Chau, Hong Kong

Consultant Nephrologist
Department of Medicine
Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Pre and post-transplant physical incapacity will be very different between different types of organ transplant, pre-transplant co-morbidities and duration of illness before transplant. The rehabilitation process will also be very different depending on the progress of the illness and presence of complications. So rehabilitation for transplant recipients should be tailored to suit the clinical condition and adjusted according to the progress of individual patients. Multi-facet approach should be employed to integrate all components of in-patient, out-patient, community rehabilitation and sports competitions at different stages of the rehabilitation process. Fit for Life is the principle for all patients at all stages. Co-operation of the medical service with the patient support groups and sports societies will form a seamless care to the post-transplant recipients, ensuring all patients are fit for their clinical stage.

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