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P.872 The first case of pure 3D laparoscopic living donor hepatectomy in Kazakhstan

Yermakhan Assylkhanuly, Kazakhstan

transaplant surgeon
transplant department
Aktobe regional hospital


The First Case of Pure 3D Laparoscopic Living Donor Hepatectomy in Kazakhstan

Yermakhan Assylkhanuly1, Kwang Woong Lee2.

1Aktobe Regional Hospital, Aktobe, Kazakhstan; 2Seoul National University Hospital, seoul, Korea

Laparoscopic living donor hepatectomy is performed selectively in some countries because of the small sized structures and anatomic variations which requires more precise technique. In Kazakhstan about 200 cases of living donor liver transplantation were performed starting from December 2011. We now present the first case of laparoscopic living donor hepatectomy in Kazakhstan using a 3D laparoscopic device.

A 23-year-old male volunteered for living donor to his older brother who had combined hepatitis B, D and C related cirrhosis without any history of antiviral treatment. The recipient age was 36 and His model for end-stage liver disease score was 22. Brief morphologic characteristics of donor and recipient were as follows: donor - height 177 cm, weight 74 kg, BMI 23.64 kg/m2 standard liver volume 1348 ml; recipient – height 172 cm, weight 78 kg, BMI 26.44 kg/m2, standard liver volume 1350ml. Donor graft volume was 820ml and left remnant liver volume was 32%. The surgery was performed in October 2016 with 5 port insertion using an ultrasonic dissector, Cabitron Ultrasonic Aspirator, and clips. The liver was extracted via 10 cm sized suprapubic incision. V5 and V8 were reconstructed to the right hepatic vein using the PTFE graft. The Donor’s operation time was 295 minutes and estimated bleeding was 700ml. The recipient had sanguinous drain and bleeding control was performed postoperative day 1 due to bleeding from hilar plate. Both donor and recipient were discharged after 15 and 28 days and the donor was not eventful.

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