Astellas Promotional Symposium

Yesterday’s Intervention, Tomorrow’s Outcome:
Improving the Transplant Journey

Monday 2nd July 2018
1:30pm – 2:30pm
Plenary Hall

Monique's Transplant Journey:

How could we have made a difference?
Key clinical interventions to address:

Prof Dr Stefan Schneeberger

Prof Teun van Gelder

Under-immunosuppression and DSAs
Prof Daniel Serón

Panel Discussion and Q&As

Conclusion and commitment

The patient taking part in this case study is an actor. Her profile and journey have been based on those of real transplant patients.

Funded and developed by Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd. This is a promotional Astellas symposium.

ADV/18/0006/APELI   DOP: June 2018

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