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Aferetica is a Start Up, located in Biomedical District of Mirandola (Italy). Its founders are managers with thirty years experience in blood purification who wanted to leverage their competence in purification therapies and the know-how in biomedical technologies of the Mirandola Biomedical District in order to apply aphaeresis techniques in new fields, such as organ management for transplantation.

In fact, Aferetica’s mission is to drive and incentive the creation of a network, which must be able to create, validate and use aphaeresis therapies in clinical practice, initiating their use in new clinical areas.

Aferetica wants to meet current transplantation needs, transforming organ preservation in organ recovering and regeneration, through the combination of Aphaeresis and perfusion techniques.

This mission leads to the design and the development of integrated systems with:

  • Machines
  • Disposables
  • Solutions
  • Dedicated Sorbents.

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