Jelena M. Janjic, United States

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Duquesne University

Dr. Janjic holds a pharmacy degree from Belgrade University, S.R. Yugoslavia and a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. She completed post-doctoral training at Scripps Florida in drug discovery and Carnegie Mellon University in imaging nanotechnology. She is full time faculty at Duquesne University Pharmacy School since 2009. Dr. Janjic is the Founder and have served as a Co-Director of Chronic Pain Research Consortium (CPRC, at Duquesne University, since May 2011. Motivation for founding CPRC stems in part from Dr. Janjic’s personal life with chronic pain and understanding of the great need for personalized and integrated pain treatment tailored for each patient. She has started the conversation in early 2011 with intention to link people together who had complimentary skills and interests and direct them to complex needs of research in pain. CPRC generated to date more than 3 million dollars in external funding. She pioneered nanotechnology development for chronic pain and holds the first NIH award to date focused on theranostic pain nanomedicine designed to simultaneously image and modulate immune cells for therapeutic intervention in a number of inflammatory diseases. Her current nanotechnology work is funded by NIDA, NIBIB and the US Airforce. For past ten years her focus has been development of nanotechnology for imaging and drug delivery with two patents, more than 30 peer reviewed publications and book chapters, and invited presentations at national and international meetings. Her current work is development of nanotechnology for organ preservation, local and systemic immunosuppression, imaging acute and chronic rejection in organ transplantation. Dr. Janjic’s teaching is highly multidisciplinary covering topics in: pharmaceutical and nanomedicine manufacturing, drug discovery and development, drug delivery systems, pharmacology of pain medicines, medicinal chemistry, human physiology and pathophysiology. She has strong interest in contemplative approaches to higher education. Since 2011 she teaches mindful living to students and faculty, leads workshops and practice sessions on contemplative life as an integral part of academic development. She is deeply engaged in the training graduate and undergraduate students and in her free time plays piano and composes music.

Sessions chaired by Jelena M. Janjic

When Session Room
09:45 - 11:00
Oral Abstract Session — VCA (Videos Available) N-112

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