Martí Manyalich, Spain

DTI Foundation

Marti Manyalich MD, PhD, anesthesiologist,  is Assessor on Transplantation, Medical Direction, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona; Associate Professor, Medical School, University of Barcelona; and President of the TPM-DTI Foundation, President Elect ISODP-TTS.

He created the deceased and living donation program in the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona in 1985 and the TSF multi-tissue bank in 1994.

He is an expert in organ and tissue donation, training donor procurement, and tissue banking at a national and international level. Since 1994, he is also the director of the International Master in Organ Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells.

Dr. Manyalich has been the leader of several both national and international research projects, such as the following EU ones: EQSTB, EULID, ETPOD, ELIPSY, and ODEQUS., LIDOBS, EMPODaT, SEEDING LIFE

The most outstanding recognitions he has received are: the ETCO (European Transplant Coordinators Organisation) award for the participation in the ETCO Educational Committee and the development of an “Advanced International Training Course” and a “Certificate for Transplants Coordinators” in 2001; the TTS-Genzyme Award for Education and Training in Transplantation granted by TTS (The Transplantation Society) in 2008; and the Best Paper about Transplantation awarded by the Catalan Transplantation Society (Academy of Medical and Health Sciences) in 2009. 

Among the most important positions he has occupied, he was the former president of the European Transplant Coordinators Organisation (ETCO) and the former vice president of the European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB)

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