Anette Melk, Germany

Hannover Medical School

Anette Melk is a clinician-scientist who received her MD at the University of Giessen (Germany) and her PhD from University of Alberta (Canada). She trained as a Pediatric Nephrologist at the University of Heidelberg Children's Hospital. Dr. Melk is a Professor of Pediatrics and Transplantation Medicine at Hannover Medical School. Dr. Melk's work on pathways leading to impaired regeneration in the pathogenesis of renal and cardiovascular diseases includes basic findings and concepts from cell and animal models to clinical applications. She has pioneered the idea that cellular senescence is crucial for the insufficient regenerative capacity of donor organs and an important target in therapeutic approaches. Her clinical research projects aim to further decipher factors leading to cardiovascular and renal comorbidity in transplant recipients. She initiated the largest longitudinal clinical study assessing cardiovascular health in children and adults after solid organ and stem cell transplantation. Dr. Melk's holistic view on optimization of patient and graft survival lead her build the first German research consortium that deals with sex- and gender-related differences in renal transplantation with the idea to significantly influence health policy development. She recently organized an international workshop on biomedical and socio-cultural aspects in transplantation.

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