Giuseppe Orlando, United States

Assistant Professor
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Giuseppe Orlando, MD, PhD, Marie Curie Fellow, is a transplant surgeon scientist, specializing in kidney and pancreas transplantation, and abdominal organ bioengineering and regeneration. Dr. Orlando's main achievements have been in the field of steroid-free immunosuppression, immunosuppression minimization, clinical tolerance after liver transplantation more recently, the focus of his research has swictehd towards the development of platforms for renal, endocrine pancreas and GI bioengineering and regeneration research. The ulmain goal for future investigations is to bioengineer organoids for transplant purposes, with the overarching goal to meet the need for a new inexhaustible source of organ and immunosuppression-free transplantation, adn so render traditional transplantation obsolete.

Literature-wise, Dr. Orlando has been instrumental in popularizing the concept of recycling discarded human organs for tissue engineering purposes and is currently proposing the use of discarded human kidneys and pancreas as platforms for kidney and endocrine pancreas bio-engineering and regeneration.  He has authored more than 200 research papers, review articles, book chapters and books. He is a member of numerous transplant societies, is on the board and act as a regular reviewer for a number of relevant journals and grant funding entities, and is regularly invited to give lectures worldwide on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine sciences as they are applied to organ transplantation.


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