Pranjal Modi, India

Transplantation Surgery and Urology
Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre

Dr. Modi was borne on 15th March, 1968. Following his medical education and specialty study in general surgery at M. P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar he moved to Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Center (IKDRC) for study in urology and kidney transplantation. He became faculty at IKDRC and grew as full professor. He pioneered retroperitoneoscopic living donor nephrectomy and help in establishing program at centers in India, UK, Germany and Australia. To his credit, he carried out over 1800 cases of retroperitoneoscopic living-donor nephrectomy at a single center. In year 2010, he started laparoscopic kidney transplantation (recipient surgery) and carried out over 175 cases. He developed furterh refinement in technique of laparoscopic kidney transplantation by adding help of da vinci robotic platform and has experience of over 350 cses of robotic kidney transplantation. He introduce concept of introducing the kidney through vagina and and carrying out laparoscopic and robotic kidney transplantation; this is the first natural orifice kidney transplantation! He also pioneered development of deceased donor transplantation program in state of Gujarat. Since year 2007, he started doing liver transpalntation and till date has carried out over 250 liver transplantation- most (240) from deceased donor. He was invited for talk and demonstrated liver surgery at several country including USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, China, Bangladesh, Sweden, Kuwait and Iran. He has started three year fellowship for abdominal organ transplantation in his depertment since year 2015.


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