Jonathan S. Bromberg, United States

Professor and Vice Chair for Research
University of Maryland School of Medicine

I have been involved continuously in basic cellular and molecular transplant immunology for over 25 years and have been continuously funded for the entire time. My basic research has always focused on T cell immunobiology, and for more than 15 years has also focused on issues of migration, trafficking, secondary lymphoid organ structure and function, and lymphatic structure and function, and how these processes and structures influence T cell immunity and T cell tolerance in models of cardiac transplantation and pancreatic islet transplantation. I have also maintained an active clinical practice in abdominal solid organ transplantation and am thus constantly exposed to the problems of patients and their immune systems, including cellular and humoral rejection, opportunistic infections, chronic viral disease, autoimmune organ failure, and immunosuppression medication side effects.  My basic research and clinical interests are especially well suited to complement and inform each other, and to keep each aspect of my professional life current and relevant.  I am currently the Executive Editor for Clinical Sciences for Transplantation.

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