Fabienne Dobbels, Belgium

Associate Professor
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
KU Leuven

Fabienne Dobbels is a psychologist and psychotherapist. She is a full-time Associate Professor at the Academic Center for Nursing and Nutrition (KU Leuven). Her research focuses on medication adherence, self-management and patient-reported outcomes, mainly in post-transplant patients, but also in other chronic patient populations. Dr. Dobbels is a reviewer for many international journals and has presented at numerous national and international conferences, with more than 150 peer-reviewed articles or book chapters to her name. Dr. Dobbels is also a guest lecturer at the Institute of Nursing Science at the University of Basel (Switzerland). She is a member of the Psychosocial Care Working Group within ELPAT and a Steering Committee member of the European Transplant Allied Health Professionals (ETAHP) group within ESOT.

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