Frantisek Saudek, Czech Republic

Department of Diabetes, head
Pancreatic Islet Laboratory, head
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Prof. Diabetes Center Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine Prof. Frantisek Saudek is the head of Department of Diabetes and Islet Transplant Laboratory at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague. He has been involved in the pancreas and islet transplant program since 1985 and under his leadership more than 600 pancreas and 100 islet transplants (2018) have been performed. He is a professor of medicine at Charles University in Prague and author or coauthor of 140 scientific papers indexed in PubMed. Prof Saudek is a past president of the AIDPIT group and past member of EPITA board. As the chair of the local organizing committee he organized the successful 2011 IPITA congress in Prague. Currently, his main responsibilities are the care of diabetic transplant recipients, pancreas and kidney transplantation, islet transplantation and islet transplant research. The research group of prof. Saudek was one of the first to develop and implement in vitro labeling of the pancreatic graft for subsequent noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging in vivo.

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