Bethany Foster, Canada

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Dept. of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Nephrology
McGill University Health Centre

Dr. Beth Foster is a pediatric nephrologist and clinical epidemiologist and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at McGill University. Her primary research interest is in the long term outcomes of children and young adults with kidney transplants, whom she has identified to be at particularly high risk of graft loss. Graft losses in this interval are often due to poor adherence to immunosuppressive medication related to developmental stage and to transfer from pediatric to adult-oriented care. Dr. Foster has recently begun exploring biological factors that may contribute to the high risk in this age interval, including the potential role of sex hormones.

Dr. Foster led the successful multi-centre randomized trial, TAKE-IT, which tested an intervention to improve medication adherence among 11 to 24 year-old kidney transplant recipients, and is leading a follow-up study (TAKE-IT TOO) to adapt the intervention for use in clinical practice; both studies were funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. She also leads a Canadian national cohort study to identify care processes and structures that promote better adherence. She has also done a number of studies using large databases such as the United States Renal Data System and the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.

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