Valeria R. Mas, United States

Associate Professor Research Surgery
Department of Surgery
Director, Translational Genomics Transplant Laboratory

Valeria Mas, MS, PhD is an Associate Professor at University of Virginia. She is the Director of the Translational Genomics Transplant Laboratory, and she has been conducting studies in genomics and proteomics related to kidney and liver transplant recipients during the last 20 years.  Her areas of expertise include transplant immunology and molecular biology. Her research projects are mainly focused on: (1) evaluating the molecular pathways associated with graft fibrosis development and loss of function post-kidney transplantation, (2) testing the effects of organ donor biology in short and long-term outcomes post-transplantation, and (3) identifying early biomarkers that distinguish those organs at high risk of post-transplant dysfunction.  The Mas' lab uses integrative approaches (proteomics, epigenetics, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics) to understand the role of immunological and non-immunological factors in transplantation outcomes as well as the effect of the genome collision from the donor and recipient as determinant of final phenotype post-transplantation.

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